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Thank you for choosing a product from LS RF Total Solution always makes an effort to listen to your opinions or suggestions.

If you have experienced any inconvenience in the use of our product or have any questions, please enter your experiences or questions in the space below. We will handle the issue as soon as possible.

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Consent to collect and use personal information.

LS Cable & System., Ltd. (the "Company") collects minimum personal information in order to provide accurate and sincere response to your request.

  1. 1. Purpose

    The Company utilized for the purpose of consultation, the answer replies, inquiries handling personal information collected.

  2. 2. Information Collected

    The Company has collected personal information as below for consultation.
    - Name, email, phone number, cell phone number

  3. 3. Processing and Retention Period for Personal Information

    The company holds personal information until the processing of personal data to achieve the purpose, and after destroying without purpose has been achieved or exceeded for more than one year delay. However, if there is a need for preservation If you have received a prior agreement or by applicable law, it may be preserved.

  4. 4. Right to Refuse Consent/Disadvantages

    Customers have the right to refuse to accept the collection and use of personal information. However, there may be a limit to the agreed upon denial of service.

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